BBL VS Butt thread lift VS Butt implants

With celebrities like the Kardashian/ Jenner sisters, JLo and Beyonce it is very hard not to want to have a bootylicious behind. Buttocks nowadays play a large role in how a person may look or feel about themselves. However, with or without surgery there are ways to obtain the perfect behind.


What are the options?


People believe certain workouts and diets will help to not only get you in shape but also enlarge your butt. Squats and lunges are apparently used to tone up and make your bum look bigger. However, there is no definitive proof of this as of yet. There are other surgical options like having a Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer), buttock implants and a butt thread lift. You should look into all of these options to get the safest option for you.


What are butt implants?


Butt implants are silicone implants used to change the size or shape of your butt. They are solid implants which still feel natural. Silicone implants are hard to rupture but still do carry a very high risk of infection. For a natural look, the silicone implant is placed under the muscle in the buttocks.

However, there are large risks with this surgery as there is a huge risk of infection as a foreign object is being placed inside your body. Also, insufficient aftercare can also lead to infection. If the implant ruptures there are life-threatening implications.  Lastly, if the implants are inserted wrong or in the wrong area the buttocks could look uneven or unusual.

Because of these risks Centre for Surgery does not offer butt implants.


What is a buttock thread lift?


A butt thread lift is a minimally invasive way to achieve larger and shapelier buttocks. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic which is much safer for the patient. One the patient is numb incisions are made in the skin and surgical thread is inserted using a needle in a zigzag motion inserting the thread to ensure the thread adheres properly. Cones and barbs are attached to the thread to grasp the tissue and list the surrounding area to give a perkier and more youthful buttock. All of the small incisions should heal naturally without the aid of stitches.

With this procedure, the results are instant and will improve over time. Collagen will form around the thread which will strengthen them and make them

However, after this procedure, you may experience sensitivity and numbness in the treated area. For some, this will subside within a few weeks. There is also a risk of the procedure causing an unbalanced or uneven look to the buttocks.


What is a Brazilian butt lift?


A Brazilian butt lift is a natural way to get a bigger and better booty. No foreign materials like silicon or fillers which is a much safer and healthier option for your body. Your own fat is used to enlarge your buttocks. A person will first undergo liposuction to harvest the needed fat. Once the fat is harvested it will be filtered and purified ready to be injected back into the body. The fat is then put into syringes and injected into certain areas of the buttocks to make it larger and rounder.

When having a Brazilian butt lift there is very minimal to no scarring and if there will be a scar it will be hidden in an area so it is much harder to notice. With implants or a thread lift, the scars will be much more noticeable.

After this procedure, there are no massive risks but there still is a risk of infection if not looked after well.

Most patients have requested Brazilian butt lift over any other procedure as there is practically no scarring, it is completely natural and it is safe. But no matter what you do always consult multiple surgeons and decide on the best and safest option for you.


Centre for Surgery currently performs gluteal sculpting with superficial fat transfer procedure, which injects fat above the muscle, rather than into the muscle, as is the case with a Brazilian Butt Lift. This makes the procedure much safer and lowers the risk of complications. We currently do not perform buttock implants. We do, however, offer buttock lifts

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