Calf Augmentation Surgery

What is Calf Augmentation surgery?


Calf augmentation surgery is a procedure in which small undeveloped calves can have silicone implants added to them to improve the size and shape of the calves or can have fat transfer to achieve the same outcome. Some people that try to gain strong large looking calves by natural means, such as using specific exercises and specific diets to help achieve this, struggle to gain the size and shape to the calves that they desire. This leaves people looking for other solutions and decide to have the calf augmentation surgery using either the implants or the fat transfer to fill the size out.

The fat transfer method for calf augmentation is performed by fat being taken from areas that you wish to be taken from, most likely areas with high-fat content. This fat is then sorted to then be injected into the calf to create the desired size and shape. The implant method of calf augmentation is performed under general anaesthetic with the procedure taking up to an hour. An incision is made in the area behind the knee and the silicone implants are then placed above the muscle in the calf.


Why has the Calf Augmentation procedure become more popular in recent years? 


Often people wish to reach the appearance standards set by celebrities, with athletes, in particular, being the ideal image due to the high standards set. In 2013, England International football player Wayne Rooney came out to the public about his FUE hair transplant surgery, this provided what would be called the ‘Wayne Rooney effect’ in which the rate of hair transplants and cosmetic surgery increased in Men substantially. The thought of cosmetic surgery became more acceptable to men soon after Rooney’s hair transplant as the increase suggests.

Other procedures such as chest implants became a huge hit for Men that wished to look like their favourite athletes, it became a easy solution for those that spent endless hours at the gym but being unable to form the shape and size of chest they wished to have, which goes with the wish for calf augmentation also. Many men have felt embarrassed to have small skinny legs often dubbed as ‘chicken legs’ and especially for those that have tried using the gym to increased size and shape to the calves, the calf augmentation can give positive results and return confidence in the process.

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