How to improve breast augmentation healing.

What is breast augmentation?


Breast augmentation is any surgery which alters the size of the shape of the breast. Commonly people associate breast augmentations with implants however that is not always the case. Procedures which may fall under breast augmentation could be breast reduction, which is when tissue is removed from the breast to reduce the size and the weight. A breast lift is when tissue is removed and reconstructed in the breast to lift it. A breast enlargement using either fat or implants is also classed as a breast augmentation. Nevertheless, there are many more procedures.


What can improve the healing?


There are many things that can improve the healing experience after a breast augmentation, the most key thing to a safe and pleasant healing period is to follow your surgeon’s aftercare plans strictly to avoid infections or anything unwanted results which can occur from not following the plan. Things that will improve healing include:

  • Using a post-op surgical bra to help compress and heal the wounds. We make sure all of our patients use post-surgical garments.
  • You should also refrain from any strenuous activities to help the healing.
  • Eating healthily and cleanly will not only make you feel better but it will promote healing.

What can be used during the healing to improve the results?


The most common thing women are worried about is scarring. Yet there are things one can do to reduce/ remove the scarring.

  • Silicone tape: this is a surgical dressing which is self-adhesive and made out of surgical grade silicone. It is placed over the wound or scar daily for periods of time to remove or reduce the scar. It helps to prevent excessive scar tissue growth, helps to flatten the scar, it helps to make the scarred skin coloured, helps to reduce the size of the scar and lastly, it helps to reduce itchiness and pain.
  • Oils: some women swear by using oils such as bio-oil or coconut oil on their scars or stretch marks to help reduce or remove them. Still, there is no scientific evidence of this actually working. Although many women will only use this method of scar removal.
  • Dermarollers: this is a medical instrument which has many little needles on a rolling device. This is then rolled over the scars creating little wounds. By creating little wounds over the scarring it is helping to promote collagen re-growth as well as healing. This is proven to reduce scarring and stretch marks.

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