Panda Eyes- Solution

What are Panda eyes?


Panda eyes is the name for dark circles that appear underneath the eyes, they are also known as eyebags and are most commonly found on women. Panda eyes are normally caused by lack of sleep but if not treated quickly the more likely it is to be an effect. From those that are from Asian countries are more likely to receive ‘panda eyes’ because of thinner skin underneath the eyes. Thinner skin can make the pigment underneath the eye stand out meaning there can be a darker impression of circles.

Potential Causes


With the thinness of skin around the eyes causing vulnerability as well as lack of sleep being causes there can be more also. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles around the eyes which makes the skin darker and casts circles. Also if you have swollen and puffy eyes this can cause dark circles around the eyes as it casts shadows underneath the eye area.




People have often found applying aloe vera to the dark circles and teabags on the eye area may slightly help reduce the darkness and reduce stress and help relax the person. For other ways which can hide the panda eyes rather than making it disappear can be of help, such as skin whitening creams that can be placed on the area to hide the eye bags, also makeup and concealers are used to hide eye bags also. For those seeking a more fix to their eyebags, blepharoplasty is often used to ly remove eye bags and is a long term solution.

The procedure is very quick and efficient with the surgeon placing an incision just below the lower eyelash, with the excess fat which is known as eye bags able to be removed then the incisions are stitched up to ensure there is no droopiness of the eyes making them look younger and less fatigued. Removal of ‘Panda Eyes’ can be very important to a patients self-confidence because some people are very self-conscious of them and even avoid unnecessary outings to avoid public attention, with the tips above or the use of blepharoplasty this can be used to give confidence and revitalisation for a person’s appearance.

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