Top 5 Benefits of the Keller Funnel

If you have been looking into breast augmentation, you may have heard of the term ‘Keller Funnel’. But what exactly is it?

The Keller funnel is a device used by surgeons during breast augmentation. It is a plastic sleeve that is shaped like a cone which is used to insert the breast implants. This replaces the surgeon having to insert an implant with their hands.

There are numerous advantages to using a Keller funnel. These include:

1. Shorter incision

The size of the incision is important for women who are undertaking breast augmentation. Any surgical incision will leave a scar, and you want the scar to be as small and discrete as possible. By using a Keller funnel, the surgeon has a smaller space that is needed to insert the implant, and therefore a shorter incision is required.

2. Easier insertion

The surgeon always wants the implant to be inserted as smoothly and easily as possible. Thanks to the Keller funnel, there is less handling of the implant, and therefore it is able to be inserted easier.

3. Better placement

The correct placement of the implant within the breast is crucial. If the implants are inserted into the wrong position, you can end up with breasts that look uneven, with noticeable implants or have symmastia or a ‘uni-boob’.

Prior to the Keller funnel, surgeons had to place implants using the ‘finger method’, which involves the surgeon manually inserting the implant in front of or behind the muscle with their hands. This can often involve a lot of force, which can put additional stress on the implant. The Keller funnel takes away this force, which has advantages for both the surgeon, the patient and the implants.

4. Less contact

As already mentioned, prior to the Keller funnel, implants were inserted manually. This means the implant would have a lot more contact with the surgeon’s hands and the outer skin of the patient. This reduces the likelihood of capsular contracture happening.

Capsular contracture occurs when an implant is inserted and scar tissue develops around it. Most people will develop this and will not be aware they even have it. Problems start when the scar tissue tightens around the implant, causing physical discomfort and resulting in the implant changing shape.

The Keller funnel means there is less contact and handling of the implant, reducing the chances of capsular contracture happening.

5. Quicker surgery time

As a result of all these factors, your breast augmentation surgery time will be far quicker than without the use of the Keller funnel. This means you’ll have less time under general anaesthetic and you’ll be in and out of the clinic in no time.

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