Fat Upper Penile- Solution

What is a Fat Upper Penile?


The fat upper penile refers to the fat surrounding the groin area above the penis. This area can make men feel very self-conscious when in the company of women, being too embarrassed to take clothes off. The fat upper penile can also have so much fat content that in some cases can hide the penis altogether making it uncomfortable and difficult to go to the toilet etc. Men who have experienced extreme weight loss may also experience sagging of skin in areas which could be around the groin area, making the need to require the removal of this excess skin.


What does the procedure involve?


 The Fat upper Penile can be removed by a number of different solutions. If you are experiencing sagging skin around the groin area due to weight loss then the tummy tuck procedure may be useful as the surgeon will be able to create incisions to remove any excess skin, and then being able to tighten the skin around it making sure it isn’t sagging making the area more attractive. If there is fat upper penile that you wish to remove the fat content but struggle to lose weight using exercise and diet techniques then liposuction could be a solution. With the liposuction, fat content can be suctioned out easily and in high content, the lipomatic technique of liposuction is the most efficient way to do this. The lipomatic technique is performed by firstly with providing local anaesthesia to remove feeling to the patient in the specific area, then incisions are made with the cannula device then being used to create tunnels to reach areas of fat, the cannula device vibrates to break down the fat easily so then the fat can easily be suctioned out of the body. Liposuction is very useful to those wishing to remove fat content instantly and helps those that struggle to lose weight. If you are concerned about Fat Upper Penile or wish to have further information visit our website or book a free consultation using the button below to have expert advice from a surgeon.

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