Butt implants vs Brazilian Butt lift

Butts nowadays are a huge part of someone’s appearance. There are many ways to achieve the perfect bootylicious behind. To find the perfect option for you there are many things you need to consider. Is it butt implants or a Brazilian butt lift or something completely different?


What are butt implants?


Butt implants are a way to alter the size and shape of your booty. Flexible solid silicone implants are used. The solid implants are firm but soft enough to feel natural. These implants are very hard to rupture but still do carry the risk of infection. The implants are placed under the muscle in the buttocks to give a natural but enhanced look.

However, with any surgery, there are risks. With implants there is a rather large risk of infection, this may because it is done incorrectly or even because the implant may have ruptured. When this happens it needs to be treated instantly or there will be further life-threatening implications. There is also the risk of it being inserted in the wrong area. This could leave the buttocks looking uneven or weird.

As the risk factors are high, Centre for Surgery does not offer buttock implants for the safety and well being of our patients.


What is a Brazilian butt lift?


A Brazilian butt lift is a natural way of getting that perfect booty. It does not use any foreign materials like silicone or fillers. It is enlarged by your own fat. The procedure starts off with certain areas undergoing liposuction. This fat is then processed and purified ready for injecting. The surgeon then puts the purified fat into syringes and injects it into the buttocks to enhance the shape and size. A Brazilian butt lift is much safer than butt implants. Also with Brazilian butt lifts also known as fat transfers there is minimal to no scarring whereas with butt implants there will be a scar from where the implant was inserted. However with this scar, it will be placed strategically so it will be hard to detect the scar, but there will definitely be a prominent scar.

Again as with any surgery, there are risks, but with a Brazilian butt lift, there are very few risks. One of the risks is an infection, but this is highly unlikely because here at Centre for Surgery we make sure the fat is kept in closed containers during the whole process so it is not exposed to air, this major decreases the risk of infection. Also, there are no foreign objects being inserted so there is no chance of rupturing or rejection as it is your own tissue.

Overall you will have to take the pros and cons of each procedure and think about the outcome you would like. Also, you will have to consider your current health status. Research each procedure to ensure you have the best booty possible and remember to research your surgeon too.

Please note that Centre for Surgery currently offers a fat transfer to the buttocks, which is performed in a safer method than a Brazilian Butt Lift. We currently do not offer buttock implants.

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