Tanning after Liposuction

The dangers of tanning


Recently in the news much has been discussed about those who are addicted to tanning. In particular, one man called Carl, 33, from Cardiff has been addicted to using sun tan beds as well as injecting himself with melatonin. This has been said to be providing long term damage if continually used, Carl injects himself in the leg every day as he fears looking pale. However, this injection chemical is not permitted in the UK due to its dangerous effects it can have on the body. Side effects can include heart, blood and eye disorders. Risk of cancer is also increased when used sunbeds and dangerous chemicals as using these give an 80% chance of gaining melanoma which can lead to skin cancer. Not taking care of your skin has been linked with possible skin damage making the skin appear older also.


Tanning after Liposuction


After liposuction, it is important to take particular care with the incisions and to avoid certain things for up to 6 weeks as the incisions will not fully heal until then. Products such as creams, ointments, fake tans and anything of similar effects should be avoided when recovering from liposuction surgery and you should wait until a surgeon gives you permission to use such products. Even if the surgeon permits the use of tanning, the incisions would need to be covered to make healing is not affected and redness is able to be reduced. Skin elasticity is also known to be damaged due to sun damage as well as the risk of cancer, it is especially not advised after Liposuction as the skin is very vulnerable. Tanning after Liposuction can make the skin age, leaving yourself looking older than you really are. Also after any surgical procedure, the bodies ability to protect itself from sun exposure is considerably lower which causes a lot of skin threat. As the skin will be more vulnerable it will make the skin easier to be burnt leading to possible scarring and long term development of cancer which shows tanning after Liposuction has more risks than it’s worth.

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