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Lip enhancement

If you want to get fuller lips, there are various lip enhancement procedures to consider which will enhance the shape and fullness of lips. Lip enhancement treatments range from the temporary effect of simple lip plumping lipsticks, to lip implant surgery, where the lips are cut and lip implants are inserted. A popular lip enhancement treatment for fuller lips is lip plumping injections, known as dermal fillers. Lip injections such as Restylane or Teosyal Kiss can restore lip definition and also remove fine lines around the mouth, and the results will last for around six months on average.

An overview of Lip Enhancement

It is generally agreed that wider, fuller lips and well-defined borders are widely considered to be attractive.

At Centre for Surgery, we therefore offer Lip enhancement using the latest dermal fillers designed specially for the lips. Surgeons at Centre for Surgery are fully trained plastic surgeons and have many years of experience in creating beautiful lips with volume and shape.

What are dermal fillers?

Youthful skin is naturally high in a substance called Hyaluronic Acid, a substance that absorbs water, thereby giving it volume, hydrating the skin, and promoting the softness and fullness of the face. As we age, the Hyaluronic Acid has a weaker effect, leading to a loss of volume and facial wrinkles. When injected, the Hyaluronic Acid is eventually absorbed and broken down by the body. Results therefore last from six months in very mobile areas, such as the lips, up to a year in regions, such as the nose or cheeks.

The Lip Enhancement Consultation

The consultation begins by having an opportunity to discuss your ideas, concerns and expectations about the lip enhancement procedure with your surgeon, and ask any relevant questions you may have.

The surgeon will:

  1. Take a focused history and examine you
  2. Explain the lip enhancement procedure
  3. Take your needs and preferences into account when deciding on the most appropriate treatment option for you

A surgeon performing lip enhancement can be either from a plastic surgery, ENT surgery or maxillofacial surgery background. All three specialities are fully trained to perform lip enhancement.

The lip enhancement process

The procedure of getting lip fillers is a very short process. It can be done in the with little to no downtime, with very fine needles being used to inject the fillers into your lips – this means minimal trauma to the injection sites.

Ice is used to control the bruising and swelling and you must not use any lipstick or any other lip cosmetics immediately after the procedure.

Some side effects that you can expect will include bleeding from the injection sites, swelling, bruising and redness and tenderness at the injection sites. Most people can return to work immediately and full written after care instructions will be given to you.



Common reasons to consider Lip Enhancement

The following reasons are given by our patients when they choose Centre for Surgery for their Lip Enhancement procedure:

  1. Thin lips
  2. Minimal volume
  3. You feel self-conscious about how your lips look
  4. Having fuller lips will help balance out your face

Centre for Surgery use only the finest surgeons to deliver the very latest techniques in lip enhancement procedures.

Lip reduction surgery can be offered to those who feel their lips are too large and disrupts the overall balance of their face.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Lip Enhancement?

All patients should be in good health and have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with dermal fillers

We do not treat patients below the age of 18 years of age.

Healing is better if patients refrain from or quit smoking.

The lip enhancement procedure is performed purely for cosmetic purposes, to help improve one’s image and self-esteem.

lip augmentation
How does the aging process affect the lips?

The skin of our lips is actually thinner than the skin on our faces. This means that lips are much more susceptible to damage from the sun, wind, and other factors. They develop and hold wrinkles easier, and the volume of your lips depletes, leaving a thinner, flatter appearance often before the rest of our face. The area around the mouth and between the upper lip and nose can become flattened.  The vermillion borders (the dark pigment of the lips) and Cupid’s bow (or philtrum column – the double curved shape of the upper lip) become less defined. Gravity, genetics and smoking can cause the corners of the mouth to turn downward or droop, creating a tired, aged appearance.

Therefore, protecting your lips from the elements and ravages of time is important in keeping you looking young.


Lip enhancement benefits

Lip Fillers are a safe and natural way to enhance the volume, contour, definition and overall shape of your lips for a fresh, natural, new look. Besides creating the lips you have always wanted, treatment can improve the signs of aging by addressing your lips’ texture and smoothness, and filling the lines and wrinkles that are caused by smoking and/or pursing the lips over time.

  1. Vertical lines (or lipstick bleed lines) and smile lines can be softened by enhancing the edge of the lips
  2. Creation of a natural contour for the lips through the restoration or enhancement of the volume of the lips
  3. Lifting the edges of the lips to restore their youthful position
  4. Create a stronger, more beautifully defined Cupid’s bow (below the philtrum column)
  5. Treating the area underneath the mouth (the marionette area) to provide support to the lip, thereby improving shadows and the profile of the lower face
Lip enhancement FAQS

Is lip enhancement right for me?

Reasons for considering lip enhancement: plumping up of thin lips or to create a look with more volume, improving lip asymmetry, mouth shape, the gum appearance

Patients who should not have lip enhancement

Allergies to lip fillers

Pregnancy / breastfeeding

Connective tissue disorders such as SLE

What type of anaesthesia is used for lip enhancement?

At Centre for Surgery, we perform lip enhancement under local anaesthesia.

What happens during the procedure?

Injections with Lip Fillers can be performed with little to no downtime. The surgeon will numb the area to be treated and take precautions to minimise your pain. 

The procedure takes about 25 minutes.

How long does the lip enhancement results last for? Is it ?

There are more invasive procedures, however, the results for the lip enhancement we offer lasts for about six to nine months on average.

Can I erase the results if I don't like the look of my lips after enhancement?

HA is not and can be erased with an enzyme that will dissolve the fillers in no time.

How long is the recovery period?

There is zero downtime for lip enhancement but in very few cases the patient’s lips may swell and bruise for the first few days, but very rare.

What are the side effects

Redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising and discolouration at the injection sites.

These effects typically resolve very quickly or after two days after treatment.

Is there discomfort?

There is little or no discomfort – local anaesthetic and ice packs will be used to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Will the lips be swollen after the procedure?

The will be some moderate swelling after the procedure which should last less than two days or so.

Will I have scars?

Lip enhancement does not involve incisions and so you will not have any scars.

When can I go back to the gym?

You can go back to your normal routine right after the procedure, however, we recommend you to wait for 24 hours before you go back to the gym.

Are lip plumping devices an alternative for lip enhancement?

Lip plumping devices should not be considered as an alternative for lip enhancement as it does more harm than good. On the other-hand lip enhancement is clinically approved and has been in practice for many years.

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